Chrysler Temperature Sensor Calibration Settings

Use the following information to calibrate your Megasquirt ECU to read your stock temperature sensors. This data is valid for Chrysler temperature sensors used in non-turbo 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipses and non-turbo 1995-1997 Eagle Talons, as well as 1995-2003 Dodge Neons and Avengers with separate IAT and MAP sensors.

Bias Resistor Value

The stock bias resistor value is 2.49k ohms (2,490 ohms). Enter this value for both the CLT and IAT sensors unless you are sure these resistors have been changed.

Coolant Temperature (CLT) Sensor Data

Temperature (*F) Resistance (ohms)
36 9,080
84 2,332
206 180

Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Data

Temperature (*F) Resistance (ohms)
42 24,500
87 8,100
191 850
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