What kind of fuel pressure regulator should I use?

There are two main options, an adjustable 1:1 regulator and a standard static regulator.

The 1:1 regulator is the best choice for turbocharged vehicles as it increases the fuel pressure by 1psi for each 1psi of boost pressure. This feature balances manifold and fuel pressure which creates more headroom. You can also alter the base fuel pressure to perfectly dial in your fuel injectors. In other words, “you’ll get more out of your injectors.”

Adjustable fuel pressure regulators in other ratios (4:1, 10:1, 12:1, etc.) aren’t recommended.

Static regulators are best suited for naturally aspirated vehicles or turbocharged ones with low power goals (~300whp or less). Since they’re not adjustable and the base fuel pressure cannot be lowered, very large injectors are somewhat more difficult to control at idle. Also, since they don’t increase fuel pressure, less fuel will flow into the manifold for a given injection unit while in boost.

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